Cast of Characters: Creators of Fate


Note: In the Japanese culture, peopleís names are always put in ďsurname given-nameĒ order.




Plain of the High Heavens


Izanagi--The Lord of Life and creator of all the humans on Earth.  With the Goddess of Death--Izanami--as his wife, he finds his hands full trying to keep her schemes under control.


Sarena--A human female who died and was granted access into Izanagiís Realm of Heaven.  Her birth name was Hato Sabishii, but she changed her name while still alive, and now only the gods know the truth.  (Hato Sabishii means dove of loneliness.)


Sora--Izanagiís right-hand angel and messenger.  Sora is an Original angel, meaning she has always existed in the plain of the high heavens.  Knowing little about Earth, many of the objects and customs of humanity are curious to her.  (Sora means sky.)




Realm of the Underworld


Izanami--As the Goddess of Death, she is in charge of punishing those doomed to serve out their eternal lives in hell.  Though she enjoys her duties, she also strives for more power in hopes of destroying the humans her husband, the Lord of Life, is so proud of.


Ryoushi Akki--A human male who died twenty years past and was judged into hell for his life of crime and violence.  He has strong fighting abilities, which makes him a valuable asset to Izanami.  (Ryoushi Akki means hunter of demons.)


Shuhan--A proud and power hungry Original demon from the Underworld, he leads his demonic unit at the will of his mistress Izanami.  (Shuhan means leader.)


Kanja--Another Original demon from the Underworld.  His specialty is infiltration and reconnaissance.  He is one of Shuhanís subordinates.  (Kanja means spy.)


Hebi--The third of Shuhanís unit, he is an Original demon that usually thinks with his stomach before using his head.  (Hebi means snake.)




Other Gods and Goddesses


Amaterasu--Goddess of the Sun.  She is one of Izanagi and Izanamiís first and brightest children.  She oversees the functions of light and harmony for Earth and its inhabitants.


Bishamon--As the great God of Love and War, this eccentric god spends half his time protecting humans and playing matchmaker, and the other half of his time planning wars and struggles between the leaders of the Earth realm.  A lover of music, Bishamon also finds time to party and drink with the highest of society.


Mikaboshi--God of Evil.  He has his eyes set on controlling all three realms: Heaven, the Underworld, and Earth, and will do anything and go up against any force to do so.  He believes he is more powerful than many of the other gods and goddesses and particularly wants revenge against Izanami.


Moon God--His true name stripped from history, all that is known is that he is Amaterasuís and Susa-No-Woís brother and that he controls all the powers of the moon.  Because of a past disagreement, he and his sister are never seen in the same sky and never see each other face-to-face.


Susa-No-Wo--God of Storms.  He is also one of Izanagi and Izanamiís children.  He loathed his sisterís popularity, and it is said, when he was a baby, his parents would rock him to sleep during one of his tantrums.  Humans experienced this phenomenon as rolling thunder.


Uzume--A good friend of Amaterasu, she is the Goddess of Fertility and promotes healthy pregnancies amongst her followers.  She is also one of the Plain of the High Heavenís most beautiful mystical dancers.