Family of Problems

By Alexandra Livingston

A father to mend, a mother to care,

A brother or sister, do what others wouldn't dare.

In a two story house, with a white picket fence,

A lemonade stance, merely twenty-five cents.


Not everyone had that, some grew up poor,

There were some years when we'd be cold to the core.

A father wasn't always there, but what can you do?

You can't really miss that which you never knew.


Though some would deny it, say they would never,

Some look to your race saying they "know better".

It could be your speech, your clothes, or your face,

But even family can disown because of race.


Drugs are a problem, and then there is beer,

Some just can't help it when liquor is near.

It corrodes and destroys, despite what you think,

There are some people who are controlled by their drink.


These are common and families will die

There is no depending, that's all a lie.

When they are busy and don't care for you,

Who can you turn to?  What then will you do?

July 18th, 2005