Warriors of Sirei


Note: Character renderings were created in the Aion video game and do not technically belong to me.  I am merely borrowing their likeness.


Name: Zyan

Birthdate: 13th of Saeran

Race: Saithin

Height: 5'10

Hair: Brown and Blond streaked, short

Eyes: Brown

Family: Father (Deceased), Mother (Deceased), Rio - his wolfling brother.

Hometown: Frid (Destroyed on the Day of Exitus)

Weapon of Choice: Sword

Hobby: Annoying the crap out of Rio

Personality: Logical, but sometimes rash when it involves Saithins. Helpful, but only when it doesn't involve risking his own neck. Courageous and protective, but only when Acacia's involved...

Quote: "Blind belief if foolish.  Belief joined with the heart and mind is what creates Heroes."

History: Orphaned at a young age, Zyan has fled capture by the Imperial Knights all his life.  As the son of a Vindician Priestess, he has amazing magical ability (he wears the ceremonial beading in his left side of his hair).  Zyan has a strong sense of justice and believes in people fighting for themselves for what they believe in.



Name: Acacia

Birthdate: 23rd of Amala

Race: Half-Breed

Height: 5'7

Hair: Light Brown, long and straight

Eyes: Hazel (Mixture of blue, green, and grey)

Family: Unknown

Hometown: Unknown

Weapon of Choice: Dagger, Bow and Arrow

Hobby: Dancing

Quote: "Help those around you and you'll never be alone."

Personality: Cheerful, helpful, and protective of all those around her.

History: Acacia, a name given to her by Zyan, is alone and unable to speak when Zyan finds her.  She is captured by Imperials but rescued by Zyan before being sent to the castle.  Promising to take her to safety where she can start a new life, Acacia embarks on a journey across Sirei. 


Name: Rio

Birthdate: 4th of Raziel

Race: Wolfling

Height: 5'7

Hair: Black, short

Eyes: Black

Family: Mother - Akinda (Leader of the Wolflings), several brothers and sisters within the tribe, Zyan - his adopted brother.

Hometown: Razil

Weapon of Choice: Dagger (When he has to), tooth and claw of his true form

Hobby: Running and Training (Becoming the fastest and strongest so he can one day lead his people)

Quote: "Don't complain when you haven't done anything.  Get out and make a difference!"

Personality: Headstrong and fiercely dedicated to those he cares about.

History: Rio is the eldest son of Akinda, present matriarch of the Wolflings.  He helped Zyan in thanks for Zyan's mother setting up the barrier that protects his village, but quickly formed a bond between the Saithin and the two have been brothers ever since.  The evidence of this is the golden loop both wear in their left ear.