Sirein History

     In the beginning of time, the Goddess Vindica created the land of Sirei along with many elemental spirits to govern over it.  She created Gobeithio, Fides, and Lara and placed them in the sky to watch over the land and protect it.  Upon it Vindica created Saithins, with angelic wings and magical powers, just like herself. 

A.C. (After creation) 500 - Some of the Saithins have performed atrocities and the Goddess strips them of their wings and powers and she called those fallen "humans".

A.C. 579 - (6th of Saeran) Kingdom of Leus is established.

A.C. 615 - (25th of Origin) Kingdom of Aingeal is established.

A.C. 650 - (1st of Remi) Kingdom of Athar is established.

A.C. 676 - (15th of Prema) Kingdom of Terria is established.

A.C. 698 - (19th of Pranav) Kingdom of Aquaria is established.

A.C. 687 - Sirei has its first Emperor. 

A.C. 723-729 - Terria experiences a civil war that splits the land, creating the new Kingdom of Acerna (23rd of Kadeem).

A.C. 849 - "Twisted Ones" invade Acerna from the Wastelands to the south.  Acerna's King Malam demands Sirei go to war.

A.C. 850 - King of Aquaria announces they will not take part in the war, Madan Castle and all Aquarians disappear from Sirei.

A.C. 851 - Empress Emiko dies of mysterious illness.

A.C. 857 - Zyan is born in Frid.

A.C. 863 - Battle of Maloshi takes place.  Emperor Dein and his only two heirs die.  Malum named new Emperor by the people.

A.C. 864 - Day of Exitus.  Malum orders all Sireins executed for their betrayal at the Battle of Maloshi.

A.C. 879 - Events of "Warriors of Sirei" take place.