Sirein Kingdoms

Kingdom of Leus

Capital: Lynn

Castle: Astridr Castle

Nickname: Land of Inner Beauty

Official Quote: "Ever Onward"

Official Flower: Star Flower

Official Colors: Purple/White

Official Gemstone: Amethyst

Notes: During "Warriors of Sirei" Leus celebrates its tri-centennial which is a week-long celebration and just happens to include Zyan's birthday: the 13th of Saeran.  Leus excels at performing arts such as dancing and singing, but also poetry and some of the most famous fiction writers were Leusian.  Points of interests include Diji, the island resort city, and Tranquility Island where the royal family of Leus has always been married.


Kingdom of Aingeal

Capital: Goryu

Castle: Su Castle

Nickname: Home of the Eternal Flame

Official Quote: "Perpetual Victory"

Official Flower: Fire Lilly

Official Colors: Red/Gold

Official Gemstone: Ruby

Notes:  Goryu sits nestled in the shadow of Sirei's only active volcano.  The citizens view it as a guardian and not a threat.  Known for their formidable Scarlet Knights, Aingeal's borders have remained the safest, even throughout the internal struggle against Emperor Malum.



Kingdom of Athar

Capital: Athos

Castle: Rahgnall Castle

Nickname: "The Golden Kingdom"

Official Quote: "Wisdom of the Ages."

Official Flower: Sunflower

Official Colors: Yellow/orange

Official Gemstone: Tigerseye

Notes:  A.C. 657-663 called "Golden Era". Known for the gold found in the Halal Mountains.  Many spent all their money to come and find riches in gold, only to be disappointed.  Some ended their lives on the tallest waterfall in Sirei "Suicide Falls" as it was appropriately named.  Afterwards, when the gold veins ran dry and Athar struggled to bring trade, the King ordered his architects to create the largest library ever. Founded the 5th of Pranav 705 (It took several years to design and build), the library remains the largest and scholars all over Sirei come to learn there.



Kingdom of Terria

Capital: Ayla

Castle: Sela Castle

Nickname: "Pillar of Strength"

Official Quote: "Unity brings Kinship"

Official Flower: Cherry Blossom

Official Colors: Green/Brown

Official Gemstone: Emerald

Notes:  Civil War broke out between 723-729, creating the new kingdom of Acerna.  Terria is rich in minerals and this is mainly because of the "Scar", a deep valley carved into its land.  Ayla is a city split into North and South both within the Scar and above it to promote efficient production.  Many Engineers and architects school in Ayla and Kirei for this exact reason.  Terria's Sela Castle is also protected on three sides by the sheer cliffs of The Scar.



Kingdom of Aquaria

Capital: Mili

Castle: Madan Castle

Nickname: "Healer of the People"

Official Quote: "Water Gives Life"

Official Flower: Maiden's Kiss (Blue water Lilly)

Official Colors: Blue/White

Official Gemstone: Sapphire

Notes: Aquaria trade consisted mainly of medicine, herbology, and magical healing.  When the Twisted Ones invaded Acerna, Aquaria refused to take part in the war and it is then Madan Castle and all of her people, including the royal family, disappeared from their home within Lunar Lake.



Kingdom of Acerna

Capital: Maloshi

Nickname: "Kingdom of Freedom"

Official Quote: "Where independence was won"

Official Flower: Blood Rose

Official Colors: Black/Grey

Official Gemstone: Onyx

Notes:  First King of Acerna was crowned after the civil war with Terria created the new Kingdom the 23rd of Kadeem 729.  He ruled for over 50 years until 783.  Having no heirs at the time, despite his abundant harem (only kingdom to have one), he appointed his advisor the next king.  That King ruled until 843 and again with no heirs, he appointed his advisor Malum, to which Malum gained the Imperial Throne the 7th of Origin A.C. 864 the "Day of Exitus".  Also of note is Acerna Prison, where Malum (Head of the Imperial Army) housed some of the realm's worst criminals and who, if sentenced, were sent into Coral Desert (more commonly known as Execution Desert) to meet their death.


Imperial City

Notes: Imperial City is the only area that does not belong to a single kingdom, but all of them (Accept Acerna who's addition to the land is still new).  In order to give each kingdom a fair say in the laws of the land (as a whole) and give them a role regarding the Emperor, the first emperor created a council using each of the royal families.  Emperor Dein also gave the council members a role in the raising of his sons.

Leus: Literature, Music, Dance Theory

Aingeal: Swordsmanship

Aquaria: Magical application/Theory, also was royal Doctor

Athar: Heirs' professor

Terria: Economy and Trade, Laws and customs

Acerna: (No role for heirs yet), General of Imperial Army and Emperor's Advisor