Numerology and Astrology

(A Guide to the Sirein Calander System)


Origin of the Days of the Week

Sirein days of the week each end with the Saithin word for sun "Ra" because the rising and setting of the sun both begins and ends the  day.  The root word for each day of the week has history within the Vindician religion.  A tale is told within the Book of Light, the holy scriptures of Vindica, which speaks of the goddess' journey to the earth realm where she fell in love with a boy named Vann (This is the basis for the city of Vann in Aquaria).  During the 7 days Vann courted Vindica, he presented her with a different present on each day.


Modern Day of the Week Vindician Day of the Week Origin of the Root Word
Monday Runera First present was a smooth rock Vann found on the ocean shore, and he carved the symbol for Vindicaís name (the present symbol for goddess) onto it, making it then a rune.


Tuesday Seilra

The next day he present her with a caged bird, a Seilse (which is multicolored), to sing her songs and keep her company when he wasnít around


Wednesday Tahkra Tahk is an old term for the ribbon girlís wore in their hair.  He gave Vindica a dark blue one.


Thursday Fluora This day Vann gave her a pure white flower to match the dress she wore that day.


Friday Lilira

Lili was a term used for a young maidenís first kiss which Vann asked from Vindica this day and she agreed.  The term was changed and spelled Lilly and now the Lilly is the traditional way young boys confess their feelings for girls.  Thatís why the Maidenís Kiss is sometimes called a Water Lilly.  It's blue and yellow and is usually found growing on the surface of water such as a lake or pond.


Saturday Sunera This day Vann took Vindica to the ocean and together they watched the sun set.  That night Vann admitted that he wanted to marry Vindica, but didnít have the money for a ring so that night he set out to find the fated Cerulean Pearl and was never seen again.


Sunday Moonra After learning of his death, the goddess leaves Sirei and ascends to heaven, leaving her tears behind and forming the three Moon Children (hence Moonra).



Origin of the Months of the Year

Sirein months of the year originate within the stars themselves.  Astrologists have separated the sky into the four cardinal directions: North, South, East, and West.  Within these four catagories there are three constellations (totaling 12 in all).  Each of these constellations represent one month of the calender year.  Their descriptions and origins are below.  A 13th constellation, Acacia, is also in the North sky but not used within the Sirein Calender.

Modern Month of the Year Sirein Month of the Year Location in the Sky Description of Constellation
January Idoneus West Consisting of seven stars, it is a doorway that is meant to lead spirits into heaven that are worthy.
February Pranav South The Male twin from Sirein Mythology.
March Prema South The Female twin from Sirein Mythology.
April Raziel North "The Wolf" - the first wolfling, aided the moon child Fides during her journey to Sirei.
May Amala West A Princess constellation from Sirein Mythology.
June Origin North "The Dragon" - Vindica's most precious dragon, the first of the Dragonkin.
July Saeran North "Bird of Destiny" - Saeran guides the fates of each of Vindica's children.
August Remi East "The Musician" - Remi is a little boy playing a flute.
September Salus East  A fish constellation, represents good health and a plentiful harvest.
October Wen East "The Owl" - Creature that can see far into the future, sometimes warns people of misfortune.
Novemeber Kadeem West "Guardian of the Spirits", an old man said to help guide those that have passed through Idoneus.
December Lamia South "The Witch" - worshipped and prayed to by those who study dark magic.

Raziel, Origin, and Saeran combined in the North Sky are the Guardian Beasts and serve the Goddess Vindica in protecting her children and creations.

Amala and Kadeem stand on opposite sides of Idoneus as guides to the portal in the West Sky.

Remi, Salus, and Wen help Vindica's children with everyday life from the East Sky.

Lamia, Pranav, and Prema are deities prayed to for guidance on virtues and hope in the Southern Sky.


Astrological Mythology (excepts from the Book of Light)

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