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        I began writing right out of high school and published my first e-book Defy the Gods in 2005.  My second creation took me almost 3 more years to complete and would become Warriors of Sirei.  I copyrighted it but self-published it in 2010.  Sirei is by far my most comprehensive world creation.  My third novel (not related to the other two) was so large, I had to split it into two volumes: Rising Moon and Falling Sun.  My future endeavors include a Japanese style, dark story (darker in comparison to my other works) tentatively titled: Legend of Riyen, and a series based out of Kingman, AZ called the Kingdom of Arie.

         My goal as a writer has always been to reach out to as many teens as possible because I want to show them my characters, to teach them through fantasy, that growing up - though difficult - is possible.  And I don't mean physically.  To grow up as you want, the way you want.  My characters are often faced with large problems centering around others telling them what to do and who to be, problems young adults in real life face every day.  No one can tell you what to do and if they did, in the end you decided to do it and you can't blame them.  Peers are one form of this pressure, but parents can be also.  To enforce their own ambitions and goals on their children, dismissing what that child whats to do or be.  Neither is right and it takes a strong willed person to grow into their ideal version of an adult.

       If I could reach everyone in the world, by selling my books internationally, and not make a cent, I would be content as an author.  A writer isn't anything if there isn't someone to read their stories and I look forward to the day when an agent or publisher finally gives me that chance.  With today's economy, not many are taking the risk with new writers, so I self publish.  I will start out small and reach as many people as I can.

     I have been lucky, because through networking, I've been able to be apart of great programs like teaching a creative writing workshop at the public library or being a featured author at KABAM (Kingman Area Books Are Magic).  I may only be known in Kingman, but I will continue to network as much as I can to whomever will listen.  I feel if I don't, my drive as a writer will die.  There's a song by Cartel that puts my dreams/fears into wonderful lyrics:

  It's been 5 years and now I'm starting to doubt...
Whether all my dreams are just aimless stares
Looking off to someplace that isn't there

      I'm afraid my ambitions and delusions of grandeur (And there have been many, including games made from my books and movies cast with high paid actors like Orlando Bloom as Kilik or Ryan Reynolds as Akki.  Kate Beckinsale would make a wonderful Sarena or Emma Watson as Shiana and Dev Patel as Hiro, to name a few) will end up being just that, delusions, dreams lost on the fading tales of shooting stars, but I also can't stop until I've tried everything......

        I personally update this website and am always open to constructive criticism or fan mail.  Please feel free to contact me at at any time and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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