Literary Aspirations

By Alexandra Livingston

I long to be a writer, to share with others my skill,

To tell the tale of a warrior and the tyrant he had to kill.

I want to write of dragons and of their fiery breath,

To see a maiden saved by love instead of an untimely death.


My stories would reach both far and wide,

My readers would be enthralled.

With every twist and every turn,

My ending would never be called.


But I do include life lessons,

And morals they should learn.

the way to find courage within,

how the fire of will can burn.


Yet there are some who don't support,

My desire or my dream.

They tell me to do something else,

My success the future won't deem.


But I will show them all one day,

I'll prove what I can do.

My books will sell worldwide and then

They'll know my word is true.

Dec 28th, 2008