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      When three demons escape from the underworld, Ryoushi Akki is summoned by the Goddess of Death to bring retrieve them. At the same time, the Lord of Life requests one of his angels, Hato Sabishii - better known as Sarena, to destroy the beasts. For centuries, angels and demons have been enemies, but when Akki and Sarena confront one another on the Earth Realm, will they raised arms against each other or could love blossom instead?


  A long time ago, the Goddess Vindica created the land of Sirei and upon it placed creatures in her own image.  They were called Saithins and they had flowing white wings and magical powers.  For 500 years the Saithins made Sirei a paradise and gave their goddess offerings in thanks.  Yet soon some of the Saithins became prideful, believing they were the true gods, and proceeded to enslave their fellow brothers and sisters.  The Goddess saw this and was saddened.  She stripped those who had lost their way of both their beautiful wings and their powers and the land of Sirei witnessed the first humans.

     Now Saithins are in turmoil again.  Within Sirei are Saithins, humans, and halfbreeds - offspring of a Saithin and a human, ones who can use magic but does not ascend with wings.  Hunted down to the brink of extinction, Saithins are accused of betraying and killing the emperor and the last survivor, Zyan, is orphaned and turns his back on the land.  Until, that is, he runs into a halfbreed in danger of being captured by Imperials.  Rescuing her, he promises to take her to a safe house, but the journey is long and Zyan begins to realize there is more to the war which sentenced his people and more to the girl he rescues with no voice.....


 Rising Moon: In the hidden village of Senri, a people exist for the sole purpose of protecting the Armoon Empire as they have for centuries.  In Senri, when one reaches five-years-old, they are either destined to walk the path of the sun under the God Crimson and learn the ways of the sword, or they walk the path of the moon, under the Goddess Lunaria and learn magic.

            Senri has survived by raising warriors and mages in such a matter but the balance is breaking and the two factions grow further apart by the day.  Kilik, a young mage about to go on his coming of age journey, wishes nothing more than to learn the sword like his father, but such an idea of mixing the arts is blasphemy and worthy of expulsion from the village forever. 

            When given the choice by a mysterious and powerful stranger, will Kilik bow down to his destiny and become a mage or will he decide his own fate and walk the precarious path of both sword and magic?   Find out in this riveting tale Rising Moon.

 Falling Sun: Reunited with those from his past, Kilik confronts Empress Luna, Matriarch of the Armoon Empire, and warns her of the coming danger from Vires.  Her troops spread thin, she can offer no help until her people in the cities of Emerald, Night, and Chaka have been saved.

            But his journey is not without its dangers.  A group calling themselves the Sky Hawks are spreading ill will about the end of Armoon and the people are without hope.  Kilik’s mind falls deeper into an abyss as a dark entity strives to control the power of the warrior and mage that flows through his veins.

            How long can Kilik keep his sanity in order to fulfill his destiny?  Or will Shiana be forced to watch the one she loves become the Harbinger of Death?


Kingdom of Arie Series

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      Theia Lavania Ellis is brought to the middle of nowhere: Kingman, Arizona, after the sudden death of her parents, with only her beloved boyfriend Levi to comfort her.  Once there, she tries to fit in at her new high school where she meets a gorgeous and mysterious guy named Baske.  Her tarot card reading warns her of a devil in her midst that threatens her future.  Could Baske's presence and dedicated nature be ill conceived?

      When strangely familiar individuals from her hometown begin turning up in Kingman, Theia is forced to question everything around her.  Those she trusted are betraying her and perfect strangers are laying down their lives to save her.  She learns her parents aren't who she thought they were and her chances of surviving until her next birthday, in order to claim her inheritance, are slimming down by the second. 




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