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Legend of Riyen

           What would you do if you were born into a clan that was scorned by the world?  Two childhood friends are forced to walk separate paths, becoming individual adults that stand on opposite sides of a line that is justice.

            In the Empire of Riyen, the three governing factions keep order with the people: The Imperial Family, the Assembly of Nobles, and the House of Chaotes.  Together they make up the Trinity.  They meet in Court to increase relations and plan the future of the land...But there are secret agendas, hidden meanings to everything spoken, ulterior motives to that which is done, and deadly politics swinging in the balance.

            In the Holy Trinity, the goddess Aysha creates, Orena destroys, and Gillon Reincarnates.  This is the fate of every soul in Riyen

            This is their story.

            This is their legend.