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Author's Note: I wanted to give readers access to real life information that I received inspiration for various scenes in my stories.  For example, the giant geode Acacia and Zyan find, or the constellations I make up (of course there are real ones).  Here I listed some useful websites for anyone interested in learning more about these fascinating subjects!!

Geology (The Science) - Wikipedia

Geode - Wikipedia

Constellations - Wikipedia

Astrology - Wikipedia

Astrological Terms

Vedic Astrology/Jyotish (Hindu) - Wikipedia

Alchemy - Wikipedia

                              CREATIVE WRITING

Here I will place lessons from my creative writing workshop, as well as tips from other sites that will improve your writing and your ability to tell a story.

 Beta Reading

Writing in First Person

Writing in Third Person

Character Motivation

Plot Devices

Dialogue Punctuation

Creating a World

Creating A Character's Past



Five Senses